Instructions - Configuration

Managing mail with cPanel

To create a mailbox with cPanel you need log in to cPanel.
Select "Email accounts".

Click "Create" to create a new one.

You must enter the desired name of the mailbox and select the domain name for which we create a mailbox in the "Username" field.
Next, you need to fill in the field "Password", it is desirable to use a strong password to avoid breaking the box.
In the "Storage space" field, you must specify the amount of space that your e-mail account can use to store emails. You can specify a specific number in megabytes or select "Unlimited". It is important to specify the quota correctly or clean the mailbox in time, because if the quota is exceeded, incoming emails will not be delivered, but will be sent to the sender.
Then click on the "Create" button.

The box is created, it will appear in the table below. This table allows you to manage mailboxes. With it you can see how much disk space is occupied, change the password, change the quota, delete the box, configure the mail client.

To check the mailbox, click on "Check mail" (check incoming / sent / draft letters)

Click "Manage" to make changes to your mailbox.

In this section, you can change the password, the amount of mailbox space, set restrictions, or create new folders for emails.

Click "Connect devices" to connect the device.

You can find the settings in the "Mail client manual setting" section.

When checking your mail settings in cPanel, you can send the device settings via email. Just fill in the field in the "Email instruction" section so that the configuration information is sent to the device of your choice.

Last updated on: 29/01/2021