Instructions - Configuration

Login via Google

One of the options for registering / logging into your personal account on the site is logging in through your Google account.
In order for everything to work correctly, we need to have the values: "Client ID" and "Client secret".

If you do not have these values, then you need to create them in the google console, here is the link to the site:

Follow the link, if necessary, enter your Gmail login credentials. In the drop down list of projects, click create "new project"

in the form, enter the name of the project and click the "Create" button.

Next, we need to configure the consent screen, click on the "OAuth consent screen" menu and the "Create" button

fill out the form, indicate the name of our application, which will be displayed in the login window, mail, link to the site, and we can also attach our logo.

Next, go to the APIs & Services -> Credentials menu, click "+ Create credentials" and select "OAuth client ID"

and fill out the form, indicate the type of application "Web", the name of the application and a link to the main page of our site, then press the button "create"

Congratulations, you have received the necessary keys, save them somewhere, we will insert them in the admin panel a later.

For correct operation, you need to confirm the right to the domain, for this we need to go to the "QAuth consent screen"  section and click "EDIT APP"

and then move on to "Authorized domains"

insert a link to our site

The fastest way to verify a domain is through the "Html tag" found in the alternative methods tab.

On the form that opens, copy the meta tag key, the value between the quotes in the content (you don't need to copy the entire meta tag, since we have a special functionality in the admin part to confirm the domain).

Open the admin panel of our site, SEO -> SEO settings, find the Google site Verification key there and paste the previously copied key to verify the domain, save.

We return to the google console and press the "Verify" button.

Thats all, congratulations, your domain is on the list of verified.

Next, go back to our "Client ID" and "Client secret" keys. Open the admin panel, settings -> integration and find the appropriate fields
Google CLIENT_ID and Google CLIENT_SECRET, fill them in with the data of our google credentials and save, check if we have enabled authorization via Google in this section of the admin panel settings.

Now your clients can use the authorization through Google and enter their personal account in a matter of seconds without filling out the authorization forms.

Last updated on: 20/09/2023