Instructions for connecting a domain

A domain is the address of your website, making it easily accessible on the Internet.

The purpose of a domain name is to simplify the process of remembering your site's address. You can incorporate keywords related to your content into the domain name, which positively impacts SEO and helps attract your target audience. Therefore, it's best to choose a short, memorable word or phrase as your domain.

Note! Editing and adding a custom domain name is available only after purchasing an online store or after switching to a rental package (including the Free package).

It is currently not possible to connect a Cyrillic domain or a domain with emojis.

If you do not yet have a domain, you can purchase one here -

You can connect your own domain to our service by following these steps:

Step 1. First, go to the DNS settings page of your domain and add the following two A records:

  • A record for your_domain_name (or just "@") with the value
  • A record for www.your_domain_name with the value

Note! Old A records, as well as AAAA records, need to be deleted if they exist.

NS servers do not need to be changed, leave those set by default. Also, pay attention to the TTL value — this is the time needed to process your changes in DNS records. For example, if TTL = 3600, it may take 1 hour (3600 seconds) for the changes to take effect.

Example of setup with

Step 2. Go to your store's admin panel to the page "Configuration" - "My Store" - "Contact Information" tab, enter your domain name in the "Domain name" field, and click "OK".

Step 3. After adding the domain address to the admin panel, your store's address will change to the new one (to your_domain_name and your_domain_name/admin for the admin panel), but the connection on the site will be unsecured. To fix this, you need to issue an SSL certificate 30 minutes after connecting the domain. To do this, go to the page "Configuration" - "My Store" - "Code settings" tab and click "Issue certificate" in the "Turn on HTTPS" field, confirm, and wait for the generation.

Note! If you are using the Cloudflare service, you need to disable Proxy status on the DNS Proxy status tab to connect the domain.

If this is not done, the domain will have an external IP address different from the one you specified, and our server will not be able to correctly connect the domain.
When DNS Proxy status is disabled, our server will receive the correct IP address, after which you can re-enable DNS Proxy status and the Cloudflare SSL-certificate, which is located in the SSL/TLS settings.

Email sending settings after connecting the domain

Note! To ensure that email sending from our server works correctly after connecting your own domain, you need to enter additional data in the DNS settings of your domain.

  1. Add a TXT record "v=DMARC1; p=quarantine; pct=100" for dmarc.your_domain_name
  2. Add a TXT record "v=spf1 a mx ip4: -all" for your_domain_name (or just "@"). If a record already exists, replace the ip inside with "ip4:"
  3. Add a TXT record for mail._domainkey.your_domain_name. To fill in this field, send us a request at, and we will generate this value manually and send it to you with further instructions.
Last updated on: 26/06/2024