Instructions - Where to begin

Installation store from archive

After you buy the site, we will send you link to download your site in archive. Next steps:

1. Download archive and unpack it.

After unzip, you will see 2 files: install.php and - you dont need to unzip thsi file.

2. Upload this two files to folder in your server where your site will be stored, using any FTP client, for example, FileZilla.

3. Go to your browser address line and fill in url: http://PATH_TO_YOUR_SITE/install.php

4. You will see installation page with language selectbox. You can chose prefered installation language

5. Click “Next Step” and fill in few required fields to connect to your database. You can find this information on your hosting control panel. If you dont know what is this, pelase contact us and we will help you

Notice, if you already have some data in this database, all data will be erased. please create new database or make backup before you upload our database.

6. In next step you also need to fill in required fields:

  • Your store name;
  • e-mail address as login to your admin panel;
  • password to admin panel.

You can change this information later in Admin - Configuration - My store.

Next you need to choose:

  • Check "Use HTTPS" if your domain has SSL certificate. Otherwise, leave unchanged.
  • You can also remove all test products from new site. To do this, you need to check “Remove Products”

At final step, you will see a window with links to your online store and admin panel to manage your online store.


Congratulations, the installation was successful.
If you have any questions, please fill free to write us to mail: or to online chat