How to set up the Telegram API

With this module, you can easily keep track of orders on your website. This module will send you notifications after each order to your Telegram account through a bot created for this purpose.

І. To begin with, if you don't have your own Telegram bot for your store, you need to create one. Don't worry, it's easy and can be done in 5 minutes. To do this, you need to find the user (bot) @botFather in the Telegram ( ),and write the command "/start" in the chat to start communication:

After that, the bot will write you a list of all the commands for interaction. We need only one command "/newbot", we write it in the chat and the bot asks what you want to name your bot. Next, you write a name for your future bot (for example, TestSMbot) in the chat, it can be any name you want. After that, the bot asks what name-id your bot will have, it must end in "bot" and be unique. After you enter this name and if it is suitable and not already taken, you are done, the bot is created!

When the bot has been successfully created, you need to copy the token (in the screenshot above) and go to Configuration->Telegram API in the store's Admin Panel settings. Next, you need to paste this token into the special field "Telegram Token" and enable the Telegram notification module.

ІІ. There is only one last step left! You already have a bot that will receive orders. Now you need to specify your own Telegram account so that your bot can write to you about orders. To do this, you need to get your account ID. To do this, you need to start a conversation with the bot @userinfobot ( ) and he will immediately write your ID:

You need to copy the "Id" that the bot wrote to you and go to the store's Admin panel, to Administrators. Select the desired administrator and click edit.

In the "Telegram chat ID" field, enter your ID that you received from the bot before and click save. Congratulations! The module has been successfully configured!

Step "II." You can repeat it several times if you have several administrators who need to send notifications to their Telegram account.

Last updated on: 12/01/2024