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How to insert a Google map into an article

We have an article "Contacts" and we need to insert a map of our location there.

What does that require:

1) Open the Google map (follow this link:

Before us the map will open. In the search box, you can enter the address you need and when you see what you were looking for, at the top left, click "Menu"

In the list that appears, select "Share or embed map":

In the opened window, we need to make three important steps.

  1. Go to the "Ember map" tab
  2. Choose the card size we need
  3. Select all the code and copy it.

Now we have the code that needs to be inserted into the article "Contacts".

2) Next you need to go through "Info pages / Pages / Information" and click "Update" article "Contacts"

A window will open for editing the article, where we need to click "Source".

In the window that opens, we paste the code that we copied into the Google map and click "OK".

All we save.

Now the map appeared in our contacts.

Last updated on: 05/10/2022