How to create an online store in 2024 and not go bankrupt

Step 1 Choose a niche

This is the most serious point, until you decide what to sell, do not move on. Do not create a domain name "sellall.com" (Unless you are Jeff Bezos). If you do not have the necessary tools with you, you can hit the bull's-eye with the same probability as when fortune-telling on coffee grounds. Therefore, we recommend using Google Trends, the Google ADS Keyword Plannerr, or best of all, Ahrefs' Keywords Explorer. The service is paid, but you can buy a "trial" version for $ 7 per week.

This is where you can spend a few hours to sort out and find interesting keywords. For example, we recommend searching for the phrase “buy” in your region, while setting the “key complexity” to no more than 3-5. You need to search for the larger the value of Volume - this is the number of requests for this keyword per month. Of course, “buy” is not the only suitable query for this study, you can try other options as well.

Step 2 Find your supplier

Here either an acquaintance of an acquaintance who works at a wholesale warehouse, or the same Google, will help you. If you start from the second point, this is also not a mistake, but do not forget to check the tools from point 1 to see if they are generally looking for a product on the Internet that you can buy at wholesale prices.

Variant 1

Find a friend who works at a warehouse

Variant 2

Use Google as a provider, but do not forget to check with the tools from point 1

Step 3 Choose a domain

Yes, this is also important. Here you need to look at the future, because the name of the site will always be with it. Also, more and more often recently, drop domains are being bought for such purposes. This is also a trend in 2024. Drop domains are domains that were previously used, well promoted, had good traffic, but the owner, for some reason, did not renew it and such a domain became free. How to find such domains - you can contact a selection specialist, or an SEO studio, or find services for the purchase of vacated domains yourself. But there are many pitfalls here, so without enough experience, you can get a domain worse than a new one.


Step 4 Select a platform

Find a company, that can help you launch your store and can maintain it. There are a few tricky traps to fall into:

create an online store for free

  • cheap
  • the skills of a good programmer are required
  • the need to screw in the necessary functionality yourself
  • constant search for freelance programmers

expensive creation of an online store

  • good companies with experienced specialists
  • high probability of encountering charlatans
  • long time of site development and launch
  • rapid loss of relevance of the idea and design

create an online store temporarily

  • quickly
  • instagram / olx / prom marketplaces are good for starting a business
  • very limited functionality
  • not suitable for a more serious level of sales

order an online store template

  • no extra charge for individual design
  • without spending months on the implementation of an online store
  • a ready-made store, with the ability to quickly download your supplier's database (usually these are XML, CSV formats)

Don't wait, create your Solomono store

for free
for 14 days

The main criteria of the good web studio according to Solomono

  • 1


    The functionality of the store and the admin panel should be thoughtful, flexible and convenient.

  • 2


    It should be possible to change this functionality to suit your requirements.

  • 3


    There should be a high-quality and thoughtful appearance of the site. Pay close attention to the loading speed of demo stores. To do this, you can use the Google Page Speed service or GTmetrix. Website speed is the undisputed must-have criterion for online stores in 2024.

    0–49 50–89 90–100

    GTmetrix Grade




  • 4


    The template and the store as a whole must meet ALL SEO requirements. There are a lot of them, this is the subject of a separate article, but this is very important. Especially if nothing can be changed in the chosen platform and it is not suitable for promotion, you are at a dead end. Easy - if you can improve the necessary functionality. But if somewhere it is already ready - why waste time and money?

  • 5


    Many years and multi-site experience, adequate support service, good reviews, free bug fixes and constant work on the engine.

  • 6

    Fill the site with content

    The most correct approach here is migration from another platform or import of your supplier's product database (usually XML, CSV formats). In 2024, in most cases, this approach is required. In 10 minutes you will receive a ready-made catalog with products, descriptions, pictures and characteristics. Otherwise, you will spend months and thousands of dollars manually filling your site.

  • 7

    Promote your site

    Don't make the majority mistake - don't invest a lot of money, time and effort in the first 5 points! Let it be 20%. The remaining 80% must be invested in website promotion. There are several options for advertising, but we will focus on SEO-promotion, because we consider it the most conversion and justified from the point of view of long-term investments.

    Of course, there are even more charlatans here than among store creators, so you need to be very vigilant, study reviews, cases, statistics of the company to which you plan to entrust not only your money but also the future of your online store.

    In our opinion, a good SEO company must meet several criteria:

    • have many years of experience in website promotion
    • have good cases (examples) of the results of their work
    • to be well versed in the technical part of the site
    • be very flexible, constantly evolve, and revise their own approaches

    If these criteria are met in your opinion, then you can safely start cooperation. Our company, also by popular demand, opened an SEO department several years ago, a great advantage of which is direct knowledge of the engine, its structure and the correct approach to it

  • 8

    Extend the functionality

    As necessary, unless of course you have chosen a platform in which it is impossible to change the code, order refinement of the design and functionality. Therefore, here you need to first seriously approach the choice of platform.

The main mistakes when creating an online store

incorrect sequence of steps

The most common mistake is the mixed order of steps. This is the problem of the overwhelming majority of novice online sellers: they first create a store, then invest all their efforts and finances and time in it, then change the supplier, change the catalog, then they realize that there is no money left for promotion, in the end they try to promote the site on their own, there is no discipline enough and it drags on for years

unnecessary idealization

Winding up "crutches" and blocking a lot of improvements even before the site began to earn anything. This will exhaust both the developer and you. This also includes "perfection" of insignificant things. As a result, little things that do not affect conversions in any way suck all finances and a lot of time

Don't let SEO take its course

We have many customers who launched their first sites on free oscommerce in the mid-2000s. Back then, promotion was not a problem due to low competition. Now, if you just wait, you won't get any order. Experience shows that 99% of buyers do not go to the second page of Google when searching for products, so everyone strives to get into the TOP-10 search engines. It is not recommended to rely on gravity when promoting the site. It is better for you to contact professionals or study this topic yourself. Otherwise, your investment in an online store risks being ineffective

Very difficult? Then leave the website creation to the Solomono team!

We take care of the design, convenience, promotion, support and functionality of your future site!

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How to open an online store in 2017
How to open an online store in 2017

It's about: How to choose a topic How to find suppliers How to create an online store and develop it This article will be useful for different areas in the Internet business. Since there are already a lot of articles written on this subject, we will not reveal anything new to you, but we will try to structure the information in such a way that it has as little extra information as possible. The summary of this article: Picking the topic Supplier search Hosting and domain registration The choice of a contractor to create an online store site Filling with goods Attracting customers Analytics Further development of the online store Remember: The right start is 80% of the success of the online store! How to determine the theme of the online store? You do not need to create the perfect product. The most important thing is to find your product, if you have not decided yet, then start selling those goods that others sell. Make the conditions better than others to get the first customers. To begin with, that will be enough. Important: Take into account the product cost of attracting the user, so that this figure does not eat the lion's share of the mark-up. Case "How to do it is impossible": If you get the net profit of 20 000 UAH with the 300 000 UAH turnover, you've made the first step to ruin your online store.By selling cheaper than others, you will get a lot of headaches that can not be compensated by the penny earned by you. Choose the perfect middle. How to find suppliers? In the end, it all comes down to finding good suppliers. You can not build a good online store without a good relationship with suppliers. In Ukraine there are special websites where suppliers present their products. It is enough to write in the search engine the phrase: "{The name of your product} supplier Ukraine" and you can immediately find your first suppliers. Later, you will learn to cooperate with them correctly, but for now you only need to find them and agree on cooperation. Everything else will happen later. Important: Look for suppliers that produce quality products - this will help your online store to differ from others. Quality will help you to cause old customers to love the goods, as well as to acquire new customers. How to choose a hosting and domain? It's very simple, you need to choose a fast hosting that will ensure the smooth operation of your website. Most developers include hosting in the basic cost of developing an online store. The first thought is "How to call the store?". First choose a name that is more or less suitable and set yourself the task that if in 24 hours you can not find a new name, the old one will remain. Believe me, this motivation will quickly lead to the desired result. Choosing a contractor to develop an online store? If you want to open an online store and already in your head see that tomorrow you will become an Amazon? than you are wrong. Creating an online store is given more importance than building sales in it. All you need to start is an online store with a normal catalog, filters and ordering page. Why give 30000 UAH for a beautiful store that can not earn. Give 1000 UAH, launch sales and functionally improve the store to your needs. How to fill an online store? You should get a specialist's advice (preferably an Internet marketer or a skillful SEO-manager). You will not have 10,000 items at the beginning to hire a content manager or an office that will fill out your online store. How to attract the first buyers? Here it is necessary to choose the right contractor to delegate this work to him, since you have to deal with a whole range of services and tools. Allocate a budget for SEO, contextual advertising, price-aggregators. The choice of the contractor will depend on the number of orders on your website. Take it seriously. Remember: Highly-costed contractor does not mean that the work will be done great. Analytics. How and what to monitor? Here you need to clearly understand that you need to know how much you spend and receive. Analytics will help to solve this problem. You need to set goals. This is a very difficult process, we recommend that you contact a specialist to properly configure the analytics of your online store. Remember: Good analytics is a lifeline for your business. We've started, what to do next? Now look through the sales and analytics reports - those data will help you to see the weaknesses of your business. Correct manipulation with this data will help to improve the online store and increase its profits. Important: Do not rush everything in the beginning, you will have a lot of time to realize what you want. Most of the techniques and functionality of online stores can appear ineffective for your business.

How to open an online store
How to open an online store

If you are the type of people who make products with their own hands, get pleasure from it and want to develop in this area - congratulations, you involuntarily became a representative of one of the most high-end areas of Instagram, Pinterest, FB and other social networks - hand made. Handmade for sale has its own characteristics: • unique; • can be presented as a gift; • causes buyers a sense of satisfaction from owning a product “with a part of the soul”; • has a high value; • causes a special dedication and love of regular customers. In a certain sense, Hand Made is the creative potential of the author; unique methodology and non-standard approach to the creation process; handmade as a result of which the product appears. Modern needlewomen are quite capable of getting ahead of serious businessmen, it all depends on the approach and marketing plan. To sell handmade products and build a completely successful business on this you don’t have to be a master yourself. It is enough to know how to open an online handmade store and find craftswomen who would like to get an additional channel to sell their goods. Where to sell handmade products, if you are a master After sleepless nights, days of hard work, your masterpiece finally saw the light. You rated your product based on the cost of the source material, work and uniqueness. You made an amazing photo session and have already come up with a vivid description of the goods. Now the question arises: "Where to sell handmade products." There are several services where you can put up handmade products for sale: • Instagram • Pinterest • Etsy • OLX • Own online store for needlewomen Each option has a number of advantages and disadvantages. Consider each one of them. Selling via Instagram A pretty good option, given that the social network is gaining popularity and the main product is just hand-made products. Among the shortcomings can be noted: • a constantly changing algorithm for instagram and ranking profiles, which complicates promotion; • search for targeted subscribers; • high competition; • Instagram is not promoted in search engines, as this is a mobile application; • the application requires detailed study by the business. Of course, as a user, you simply need to use instagram, but as a businessman, you need to study the application well. Selling through Pinterest It is not difficult to open an online store for needlewomen in the social network Pinterest; however, it should be borne in mind that Pinterest is a network for visuals, which means that the main factor of popularity is the visual presentation of the goods. Further development of information content is required. The audience Pinterest expects WOW ideas from you, which means that the information should be useful, interesting and addictive. As a rule, novice entrepreneurs have no free time for this. Hand made merchandise for sale via Etsy Etsy (Etsy) is the global online platform for the sale of goods hand made. At first it was like that, but today everything is sold on this site. Find the product of interest is becoming increasingly difficult. The competition is huge, which tires customers who quickly leave the site. Payment is made by credit card or PayPal payment system. Of the advantages, we can note the ease of use, the intuitive interface and, of course, the orientation towards the western consumer, who appreciates handmade goods. Sell ​​through OLX A very good way to sell online, if you do not yet have your own online store, but you already want to sell. OLX ad service is targeted at all users. To date, over 10 million offers have been registered in the database, and the figure does not stop there. Of the advantages of the site, we can note a smart search, filtering with the help of which your product can be found not only by exact requests, but also by approximate ones. Also advantage is the issuance of the site in the top Google. Among the shortcomings can be noted a very concise interface, paid placement and promotion. Own online store We gradually got to the question of how to open an online store hand made. The online store will initially require you to purchase the foundation of the online store and time to fill it content and further seo promotion, but if you make an effort and spend several months of time, everything will pay off with interest. Let's look at the features of the opening of the online store for sell hand made. Features of opening an online store First you need to choose a domain name that will be associated with handmade goods or something pleasant, comfortable and cozy. You can apply the same tactics to the brand name, logo and slogan. For the color scheme in this subject using pastel colors. When choosing a design, be guided by the fact that everything should be as simple as possible, starting with the item card and ending with the order. If you do not do needlework, you can search for masters in the above resources and attract them to cooperation. From our previous articles you can find out what needs to be considered when opening an online store in 2019. Online store hand made interesting and the fact that the blog, you can create thousands of interesting articles for users. The subject is very extensive, which means that the resource can be promoted not only as a commercial, but also as informational. A wide variety of low-frequency queries will allow you to gradually gain popularity and move up in the TOP. The selection of handmade products for sale is also huge: • Handmade jewelry; • Hand made toys and baby clothes; • Dishes; • Bed linen and household goods; • Gingerbread, sweets; • Bouquets, souvenirs, etc. Initial Promotion Tips 1. When ordering an online store, pay attention to the possibility of displaying the site on mobile devices, as more and more users make purchases from their phones. 2. Focus not only on local buyers, but also to the west and europian buyers: the theme of the hand made is very popular in the USA. 3. Connect social networking buttons to help increase sales and increase traffic. 4.On the topic of handmade, you can develop own you tube chanel: your needlewomen are happy to provide videos with master classes. 5. You should take care of a variety of payment and delivery channels, especially if you are targeting Europe and America. 6. Connect the possibility of reviews. This will favorably affect on promotion. 7. Target audience of handmade goods: young mothers, bloggers, photophotographers, etc. Tip! A win-win option would be to open an online store of goods for creating hand-made products: accessories, labels and tags, yarn, jewelry products, decorative paper, etc. In a word, you will offer customers products for their business, and this is a very promising area. Already decided to open your own online store? Then contact our managers and we will offer the best option for translating your idea into reality.

How to open an online store of home goods from scratch
How to open an online store of home goods from scratch

Every novice businessman, who want to try themselves in e-Commerce, the question arises, how to choose a product for an online store. Will this product be in demand, what is the margin you can put on a particular category of goods. How to open an online store without purchasing goods. Let's look at it from the start. How to choose a product for an online store Why home goods is a win-win? The question is actually rhetorical. Man always tries to create a cosiness in your house, whether male or female. Age range of audience is wide, from about 25 to 65 years. The goods for the house and garden is required for people with different income levels, another question, what price you can set to cover all buyers. You have decided on a theme and direction. Now you need to think about how to choose a product for an online store, if you have no suppliers. To create a successful online store from scratch, you have to sell goods. To identify which goods are tradable, there are several ways: 1. To hire marketers to identify product demand, 2. To identify the demand with the help of keywords The second method is much more difficult, as you must at least have basic seo skills-person. You may not cover a category of products though because it might just not be aware of new products and trends on the market (by the way, you can use the special service, a detailed review which we did in the article How to use Google Trends). But with a great desire and time demand to reveal it. The demand revealed? Now you can roughly draw the structure of the menu, namely the main categories and subcategories. More on this story next. Next, look for suppliers. If you still spend money on marketing, then you will have not only a ready list of tradable goods, but also competitive price. Thus, you can win by putting a price lower than the average competitors. Knowing the approximate prices on the market, you can easily find direct suppliers or the manufacturer. If you are interested in how to open an online store without purchasing, nowadays there are a lot of terms of cooperation, e.g., distribution, buying a franchise, dropshipping. In fact the goods is from the supplier to the warehouse, you simply accept payment and issue orders. Domain name, title, logo So, you have already chosen a theme, found suppliers, purchased online store. It is necessary to choose a domain name. There are a few rules which are normally used when choosing a domain: 1. Choose a short domain that is easy to remember. Well, if the user will be able to establish a link between the domain and the name of your online store. Often these two names are the same. 2. If you still have no ideas for the name of an online store, you can think about the following. The goods for the house can be associated with something warm and cozy, bright and joyful. Think about what categories and products are on your site. You can take any name, such as garden lantern or truck. If service is the category with the furniture, you can choose options such as a dresser or lamp. To choose the Association to the words will help you service jeck.ru. 3. What is the Internet-store of goods for the house without the logo. The logo will largely depend on the store name. Learn more about how to choose the color and font for the logo in the article. Successful Internet-store of goods for the home. Product categories Returning to the develop menu, you need to think about what the menu should meet the needs of search engines and SEO, but first and foremost it has to serve the user requests. For example, for the search engines, you can specify the products by their purpose: • Household goods • Dishes • Home decor • Lighting • Furniture Below, you can collect the goods according to the rooms in the house, such as products for dining room and kitchens, products for bathroom, products for the house and garden, for children's room. Don't miss the opportunity to promote page on brands. In our online stores you can create sort products by brand, color, specifications. Each page of the filter can be promoted in search engine, this will give you additional benefits. If you do not have such a range as those of competitors you can make another knight's move: take one or more niches, but give the user a complete information assortment of special purchase conditions. For example, you work only with light. Then develop a detailed category coverage: chandeliers, sconces, table lamps, other category. Each category can be divided into several more: chandeliers with one, two, three canopy. Table lamps with shade, LED, decorative, office. To develop a more detailed menu, just go to the sites 2-3 competitors and peeped their menu items. Niche online shops can win against the giants due to their narrow specialization. Search engines believe that you are the expert in your field and better rank your pages. Throw one more idea to create categories. For example, you can create categories such as "Everything for holidays", "Hobbies", "To repair". Add products in one file To open a profitable online store, you can not lose a minute of time. Loading and updating of the goods should pass quickly. For this we developed import/export to/from excel file. Loading of goods is as follows: you download the file your vendor to finalized your categories, attributes, and characteristics, and load in the admin area. Don't forget to create a list of recommended products and add the products on stock. Practice shows that the "Promotions" page on the second place on the tour after the main. Blog an online store of home goods Your online store of home goods should be a blog. The blog should regularly publish useful articles. Let's give some ideas for writing content to the blog: 1. Reviews on the products of your online store 2. Life hacks for Housewives cleaning the house. Life hacks for men repair or home improvement. 3. Non-standard use of the products of your online store 4. The problems with which the client came to you and their decision 5. The blog must have the heading "How to choose" and "TOP of the most common mistakes when...". Articles of this type are most viewed. 6. The opinion of experts about this product, about the trends in the market, about trends in design or repair. 7. Photo customer reviews 8. Answers to frequently asked questions 9. Productivity statistics of your online store. This can be done in the format of news, for example, statistics of sales of our online store in January. 10. Instruction on the most sold goods An example of one of the blogs of the Internet shop shown in the photo Additional services Make your online store different from their competitors need to provide all possible services. Visualize the path your customer from purchase to receiving the goods. What obstacles may occur "along the way". For example, if the order will execute girl, it is more logical to assume that she's going to need related services such as lifting of goods on the floor (if it's large cargo, furniture) and Assembly. You can hire workers on hourly pay or enter into a contract with the firm. Ensure that orders are processed and dispatched as soon as possible. In the format of "we dispatch on Wednesdays" will lead your online store to losses. Today the customer doesn't want to wait, he wants to get your order as quickly as possible. What to consider when opening an online store of home goods Each project has its own payback period. To say with certainty whether your successful online store, you should wait at least the end of the payback period. To calculate the payback period and ROI will help detailed business plan for your project. You should also carefully consider the logistics. It may be that because of the high shipping prices customers will not place orders. If the price of shipping cannot be cut, can be taken into account in the preparation margin on the product. Your resource should be cheaper than if the customer purchased it offline. Offer all payment options: electronic transfer to a Bank card, when you receive cash, e-wallet. In the future, most online stores will pay crypto currency, think about it now. To see what payment options to better integrate in your online store in our article "What payment system to connect to your Internet store." To stand out among the competition, you must: • Develop a unique selling proposition for your product • If not, then to offer additional services to your clients • You can stand out loyalty programs and bonuses Well, perhaps all we are told about the main aspects when opening an online store of home goods from scratch. Order a stylish online store template "Home and interior" https://solomono.net/oscommerce-templates/c-382.html#module510

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