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How to connect Google Shopping

Google Shopping is gaining more and more popularity. But in order to place goods from your online store here, you need to take several steps to make it work.

You must have:

1) Google Account.

2) Merchant Center account.

3) Account in Google Analytics.

4) A feed that contains all the information about the goods.

If you don’t have a Google Account, you can register it at this address:

After registration, you need to fill in the data to add a feed to the Merchant Center by clicking on "Sign In" 

In the pop-up window, select "Sign in to Merchant Center"

Next, you need to enter information about the company:

and click "Continue"


Further, you agree / do not agree to help Google specialists, but in order to register further, you must accept the terms of the Merchant Center

After you ticked off, click Continue

Next, you select programs that meet your goals and click "Continue"

Next, you review the summary information and make sure that your company’s activity does not violate the rules of the Merchant Center 

If everything is correct and you are not breaking anything, click "CREATE ACCOUNT"

You will be transferred to a page with general information, on which, at the top, you click on "settings" and in the drop-down menu, select "Business Information"

Next, select the "Site" tab and specify the address of your site and of course, everything must be saved.

After the site is confirmed and all rights are claimed

you go to the main page and click on the tab "Products"

And click And click "Create product Feed"

Next, you select the country of sale, language and click "Continue"

Indicate the name of the feed, select the scheduled feed download and click "Continue"

Then you need to enter filename and File URL. All other fields you could leave default. 

You can find File URL in your Solomono admin panel in Products - Import/Export - Export - Google Feed:

After fields was entered, click "Create feed" button:

Once you have created the feed, you need to download it.

To do this, in the menu on the left, go to the "Products / Feeds" category and go to the "Processing" tab

On the right, click "FETCH NOW"

If everything is correct, then after downloading you will receive a message that "Done" and there will be no error messages.

But if there is an error message, then you will need to fix it, update the link and click "FETCH NOW"


Instructions for adding products to the Google-Feed link, you can read HERE


Last updated on: 11/07/2022