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How to change the name or text in payment/shipping?

Some payment/shipping modules already have a field where you can change the name. For example, "Nova Poshta" has a field called "Custom Title" where you can enter the desired name:

However, if the module you need does NOT have such a field, don't worry! You can still change the name to what you need. For example, we have the "Cash on Delivery" payment module. And we want to change it to "Payment on Delivery".

In this case, changing the names is done through constants. We need to go to our Admin Panel - Modules - Languages and open the Language Editor tab. Then, find our constant. In the "constant value" field, enter the text you want to change. In our case, "cash on delivery."

Next to each entry, we click on the edit button (pencil icon), and a form opens where we can enter the desired name.

Important! If you use multiple languages on the site, you need to change the entries in each available language.

Congratulations! You have successfully changed the name. Let's check how it will look on the order page:

Last updated on: 17/01/2024