Instructions - Info pages

How to change the logo, slider, banner, etc.


In addition to product images, there are many more pictures on the main page, such as a logo, banner, slide, etc.

Now consider how we can change all this.

Let's start from the very top.


In order to change the logo of your site, you need to go through "Configuration / My Store" and in the window that appears, find the title "Company Logo", click on its "Value", select your logo image and click "OK"

Ok, now your logo in the site header.


Now change the slidе. For this we need to go through the "Info pages / Pages / Slider".

Before us the following window will open:

Consider how to change the first slidе.

To ensure that the first slide is not displayed on the site, you need to move the sliderto the left:

The color of the switch changes from blue to gray:


Now go to edit the first slide, for this we need to click the "Update" button.

In a new window we can change the name of the slide, and, preferably, it should be written in the languages that are available to you.

To change the image of the slide, click on the "Image" button:

When the image download window opens, you need to take a couple of steps:

1 step - go to the "Upload" tab,

2 step - click on the "Choose File" button and select the prepared image of the slide,

3 step - upload the image to the server by clicking the "Send it to the Server " buttonand at the end click "OK".

Everything, the slide is loaded.

Before you exit the slide editing window, you must save everything.

By default, we have three sliders. Therefore, to add the fourth slide, click on the right of the "+" in the green rectangle.

Before we open the window for editing the slider, where we repeat the actions we already know (give the name of our slide and insert the slide itself).


You can also insert the video on the main page into the slide.

To do this, go through the "Info Pages / Pages / Slider" and add a new slide.

Call it "Video" and in the "URL link" field, insert the URL of the video that was copied to the YouTube service.

We save everything by clicking the "OK" button.

The video slider on the main page is ready:


The process of changing the banner is very similar to the process of changing the slider.

For example, we need to change "Banner # 1". Therefore, we again go through the "Info pages / Pages / Blocks" and to the right of the name "Banner left 1" click "Update".

Before us, the banner editing window opens, where we repeat the procedure that has already been taken (click on the link to see).

Just as we edited "Banner # 1", we can edit "Banner # 2" and "Banner long".


Sometimes it is necessary that when you click on the image (banner, text, slide etc.), you go to another page of the site or to some other external source.

To do this, you need to do a couple of steps:

step # 1. Open the article and select the picture to which you need to assign a link
step # 2. Click on the "Link" icon

step # 3. Enter the required URL in the window that opens, save everything.

Now when you click on the image you will go to the installed link.


Last updated on: 21/12/2021