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How to add new items to the store header?

On the "Design" - "Template settings" - "Header blocks" - "Top menu" page, you can see which article section corresponds to the items displayed in the header of your store. By default, this is the "Information" section.

Now let's go to this article section - "Content" - "Pages" - "Information". Here, the content of the articles is configured, and whether they will be displayed in the store.

Accordingly, all enabled articles in this section can be seen in the header of your store.

To add a new item to the header, on the "Content" - "Pages" - "Information" section page, click "Add" and fill in the required fields in the window that appears. After saving, you will see a new article in the list of articles of the section, as well as in the header of your store.

Last updated on: 11/04/2024