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How to add/change email templates

Email marketing helps online stores attract and retain customers, increase conversions, increase sales, build long-term communication with customers and improve service.

The Solomono team has developed a convenient functionality for working with email templates. Using ready-made templates, you can create and launch a mailing list in minutes. You don’t have to assemble a letter from scratch, resort to the help of designers or layout designers. The layout already has the main blocks that are used in messages to your customers:

  •     letter header with a place for the company logo and title;
  •     main section for messages;
  •     basement with a place for icons of social networks, contacts and other important information.

In the administration panel -> "Content" -> "Email Templates"

You can use ready-made templates to send letters in different formats to attract customers, and you can also add a new letter:

or edit the current one:

Last updated on: 10/04/2023