Instructions - Configuration

How to add admin

To work with site administrators, in the top menu, select "Adminis / Administ and Groups"

You will see a list of site administrators.

To add a new administrator, click "cross".

In the opened form "Admini Members", you must enter the "Name", "Last name" and "Email Address" of the admin, and in the drop-down list "Groups Level" select the group to which the administrator belongs.



Click "Ok" to send the requisites for the administration of the site to the specified mail - link, login and generated password.

Now the list has a new administrator. At any time, its data can be changed by simply selecting it in the list and clicking the "edit" button.

Note: To remove an administrator - simply select a person from the list and click "delete".

To edit groups of administrators, click the Groups tab, select the group you are interested in from the list and change the access rights by moving the switch (active / not active).

To create a new group, click the Groups tab, type a name in the text box, and click OK. A new group has been created.

Now when adding a new user, you can select the membership of this group in the drop-down list.


Last updated on: 28/02/2020