Instructions - Configuration

Goal setting in Google Analytics 4

To get the most relevant information, you need to set up Google Analytics 4 goals correctly.

Conversion events in Google Analytics 4 are equal to goals in Universal Analytics. They are created in one click by activating the slider opposite the required event in the Configuration (Events) tab.

To do this, in Google Analytics 4   enter the "Events" tab.


Event settings: page visit


  • STEP 1

Go to the "Events" tab, click the "Create event" button.


  • STEP 2

In the window, click "Create".

  • STEP 3

Name the special event. In the example, we will track when the user hits the thank you page.

In the "Parameter" column, select "Page location" from the drop-down menu. In the "Operator" field, specify "Content": this will be enough for such an event. And in "Value", add the page address after the slash, for example /thankyou. Whenever the user visits this page, the event will fire.

This completes the basic setup. Return to the events page: there is no new event on it yet, it will appear approximately 24 hours after it is created.


Also, in addition to setting up tracking of page visits, Google Analytics 4 also has the following basic goals: button clicks; sending the form; click on e-mail; click on the phone number; uploading files. But setting these targets requires code intervention.

Last updated on: 22/06/2023