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Fondy payment module

To connect the payment module "Fondy", first need to be registered in the payment system and get a "merchant ID" and the "key of payment".

To register, go to this address:  enter the required information.

After that, go to the "Merchant Settings"

and go to the "Technical"

Here you can learn "merchant ID" and the "key of payment"

The first stage is over.

Now you need to register the keys in the admin panel of your site.

To do this, in the admin panel, you have to pass "Modules / Payment"

And start editing module "Fondy"

you need to insert these keys:

"Merchant ID" insert in the field "public key"

"The key of payment" in the insert "secret key"

Now we save all by clicking the "Update"

Everything is ready)

Last updated on: 29/11/2023