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File Manager

Date of creation : 2020-12-22
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File Manager
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Each site and online store should have its own repository for media content. It will be easy to manage media content using the file manager. The tool allows you to:

  • Quickly upload pictures and videos to the site from a folder on your computer;
  • Download media content by link;
  • Move / Delete / Edit files;
  • Quickly find the required file by name;
  • Sort all files by name, date, size

File Manager - 1

With the help of the file manager, managing the photo and video content of the online store will be easy for both managers and programmers. In the directory, you can immediately configure the display of files. When you check the & nbsp; checkbox next to the "Thumbnails" item, all files will be displayed in the preview. This makes it even easier to find the photo you want.

Going to the "folder with photos", right-click on any of them, and you can rename, save, resize a picture, delete, select, view, select a thumbnail right in the file manager.

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