Instructions - Products

Featured products

If you would like to recommend certain products for purchase to your customers and display these products in a separate block on the homepage of your store, you can use the "Featured products" module.

You can manage featured products on the "Products" - "Featured products" page in the admin panel. Here, you can see a list of your featured products, their model (SKU), name, status, the date the product was added to the featured list, and the date until which the product will be considered featured. If you turn off the switch in the "Status" column, the product will no longer be displayed in the "Featured products" block. In the last column of the table, you can open the editing window for the selected product, or delete it by pressing the corresponding button. To add a featured product, click "Add".

In the window that opens, enter the name of the product you need in the "Products" field and select it from the dropdown list that appears. In the "Expire date" field, you can specify the date until which the product will be considered featured. If you leave this field empty, the display term of the product in the "Featured products" block will be unlimited. After completing, click "Save", after which the product will appear in the list of featured products.

To ensure that the "Featured products" block is displayed on the homepage, make sure that the "Featured" switch is turned on in the "Design" page under the design settings of the template, in the "Blocks on the main page" tab.


Last updated on: 17/04/2024