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Facebook Pixel script

Date of creation : 2019-10-25
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Facebook Pixel
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For highly customized ads, Facebook and Instagram use the "Facebook Pixel".

Facebook pixel is an external script that needs to be connected to your store, after which partial information about your visitors will be transferred to Facebook. It is literally a pixel, it is transparent and has dimensions 1x1.

First of all, this tracking code is needed in order to "save" visitors to your online store in a separate list, which will then be re-shown your ads on facebook and instagram. It is a must-have tool for any marketer and a must-have for marketers.

Our module not only connects the pixel, but also delays conversions (events) on your site, which allows you to see a more complete picture of the effectiveness of the advertising campaign. It should be noted that the phrase "pixel" was not invented by Facebook, this mechanism is used by many different services, for example Twitter, Pinterest, Vkontakte, email newsletters, etc.

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