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Excel import/export

Importing a file allows you to quickly add or update information about a large number of products. You can also export product information from the catalog to update it in a third-party service.
The Solomono team has developed a convenient functionality for working with Import / Export files - Excel (CSV), XML (YML), but it is very important to create it correctly so as not to make mistakes. Management is done through the administration panel: -> "Products" -> "Import/Export":

And export the products that are already on your site.

To do this, click the "Export" button, select "Excel"

In the window that opens, using the drop-down lists, select what you need to export or leave it unchanged. Next, click "Export"


After you have created an Excel file, you need to open it and fill it with your data.

In this case, you can remove those columns that you do not need.

1) You cannot delete the "product code" and "EOREOR" columns.
2) the "code" of the product must always be unique and not repeated.
3) you can not name several columns with the same name.

Here is a screenshot of the file that needs to be filled in, some columns and rows have been removed.

Full list of columns:

  • code - product code (article, model). Mandatory and unique field;
  • name - the name of the product;
  • description - a full description of the product, including html tags;
  • v_products_head_title_tag - product meta title;
  • v_products_head_desc_tag - product meta description;
  • pictures - product images. If there are more than 1 images, they are separated by a semicolon (;) ;
  • price - the price of the goods, without currency. Integer separator - dot (.);
  • discount - discounted price (if it is set for this product);
  • quantity - quantity of goods in the warehouse (remains);
  • date - date of adding the product;
  • category_1 - the category of the first level in which the current product is placed (for example: Computers);
  • category_2 - subcategory of the second level, which contains the current product (for example: Computers - Laptops);
  • category_3 - subcategory of the third level, which contains the current product (for example: Computers - Laptops - Ultrabooks);
  • category_4 - subcategory of the fourth level, in which the current product is placed;
  • category_5 - subcategory of the fifth level, in which the current product is placed;
  • manufacturer - the manufacturer of the goods (or brand, or vendor);
  • Color, Screen, Processor, RAM..... - product attributes. There can be an unlimited number of these titles (the limit can only be reached in Microsoft Excel, a maximum of 255 columns). The cell next to each product displays the Value of the corresponding Attribute (For example, for the "Color" Attribute, the Value will be "Red, White, Black", etc. If there are several values of one attribute for this product, they are separated by the "||" sign, for example for Attribute "RAM" Value can be "8GB||16GB";
  • status - item status. Can take values: "active" or "inactive";
  • EOREOR - indicates the end of the line. in the cell of this field should be written "EOREOR". Obligatory field.

After filling the file with your data, save it in the same format you exported it in, CSV.

To import data from a file to your site, click "Import", select "Excel"

In the window that opens, select the delimiter that you chose when exporting the file, and also upload the file you modified, for this you need to click on the "Select file" button. After that, click the "Import" button:

Please wait for the import to finish before navigating to other pages of the Admin Panel. During the import process, the page will load, and the message "File uploaded," as shown in the image below, will indicate that the import is complete.

Everything is ready, the goods are imported to your site.

Last updated on: 03/06/2024