Excel (CSV) export

To export your store catalog in CSV format, first go to the page "Products" - "Import/Export" - "Export" tab - "Excel (CSV)".

The ability to export products in CSV format is available on the Basic, Turbo Sales, and Pro rental plans.

Before exporting, you can choose:

  • which data to export: all or just the SKU, price, and quantity
  • a specific category to export products only from it
  • the export language from those available on your site
  • a specific manufacturer to export products only from this manufacturer
  • the status of the products to export: active or inactive
  • the file delimiter: comma or semicolon

Check the box "Export full attribute information" if you want to include data on the price, SKU, and quantity of the product for a specific attribute value. After setting up, click "Export".

The "Template" button allows you to download a file template with column names that meet the requirements of our platform. This will help you prepare a file for CSV import.

You can read more about Excel (CSV) import at this link.

Last updated on: 11/07/2024