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EXAMPLE: Setting the delivery method if you choose other countries (except Ukraine)

When deciding how to ship items from an online store, many people prefer Mail. Its main advantages are an affordable price and the ability to deliver orders to almost all settlements.

The Solomono team has developed such a delivery option that if you select other countries for delivery (except Ukraine), then the delivery method will be only Ukrposhta.

To configure this delivery option, you need to go through the administration panel: -> "Settings" -> "Taxes" -> "Tax zones"

where by clicking on the "+" icon you can add / create a zone with the required number of countries


After that, for example, you can use the selected zone when forming the delivery method

to do this, go to the administration panel, go to: -> "Modules" -> "Delivery" and select, for example, the module -> "New mail", click on the "edit" icon and in the modal window in the line "Zone"

you can choose for which group of countries the delivery will be indicated when buying, for example, "Nova Poshta"

Last updated on: 04/01/2024