Instructions - Connecting delivery modules

EXAMPLE of connecting the "Electronic product" delivery module

If your store sells electronic products or a subscription to some program, for example, it is not physically delivered. But to complete the purchase, you need to choose the delivery module, and that is why there is such an "Electronic product" module for such sales.

To begin with, turn on the module itself, for this in the administration panel go to "Modules" -> "Delivery" -> "Electronic product" if it is not active, click on the "+" icon

to edit the functionality, click on the "pencil" icon

You will go to the module configuration modal window, here you can set, for example, the sort order, set the cost, change the name.

You can familiarize yourself with the order and features of setting additional fields, payment for individual zones, and setting the zones themselves by viewing the instructions at the link: -pevnoju-zonoju-a-619.html

Now the "Electronic product" module will be available at checkout.

Last updated on: 31/07/2023