Instructions - Connecting delivery modules

EXAMPLE of connecting the delivery module "Per unit" (Per Item)

Module Per item: Allows you to set a tariff depending on the number of items in the cart.

To get started, enable the "Per Unit" module itself, to do this, in the administration panel, go to "Modules" -> "Delivery" -> "Per Unit" if it is not active for you, click on the "+" icon

to edit the functionality, click on the "pencil" icon

You will go to the modal module settings window, here you can set, for example, the sorting order and the delivery cost per unit of goods, that is, if there are several goods, the amount from the "Delivery cost" column will be multiplied by the number of units of goods in the order.

You can familiarize yourself with the order and features of setting additional fields, payment for individual zones, and setting the zones themselves by viewing the instructions at the link: -pevnoju-zonoju-a-619.html

Now, when checking out, an additional delivery option will be available.


Last updated on: 01/09/2023