Instructions - Connection of payment modules

EXAMPLE of connecting payment module "FONDY"

Offer your site visitors a convenient payment platform that allows you to process payments online on websites, mobile applications and devices of various types.

In order to set up a payment module, go to the administration panel "Modules" -> "Payment" -> "FONDY" if it is not active for you, click on the "+" icon

to edit the functionality, click on the "pencil" icon

You will go to the modal module settings window, here you can configure / set - Merchant ID, Payment key - these data are provided to you after registering on the FONDY payment platform, then you can set the sort order in the checkout and status.

and you can also replace/set the picture for the module, and with such a picture, this payment module will be displayed in the checkout when choosing a payment:


For example:

Last updated on: 02/08/2023