Instructions - Connection of payment modules

EXAMPLE of connecting payment module"Credit card"

Paying by credit card is a very convenient process for many customers. The user can make purchases on the Internet even if he does not have free money, that is, pay now and return to the bank later.

Note! This module is usually used in the USA, when a customer enters their card details, and the store's seller uses a special cash register to withdraw funds from the card based on these details.

In order to set up the payment module, go to the administration panel "Modules" -> "Payment" -> "Credit card" if it is not active for you, click on the "+" icon

to edit the functionality, click on the "pencil" icon

You will be taken to the modal module settings window, here you can

  • enable/disable the module,
  • configure E-Mail Address - If an e-mail address is specified, then the average digits from the credit card number will be sent to the specified e-mail address (the database will store the full credit card number, excluding these average digits)
  • set up payment zone
  • order statuses
  • and set up an icon/picture for the module, and with such a picture, this payment module will be displayed in the checkout when choosing a payment:

Last updated on: 01/04/2024