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Editable languages files (constants) in admin

Date of creation : 2018-09-21
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Editable languages files (constants) in admin
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Often, after developing an online store or website, the owner wants to make some changes without resorting to the help of developers. For example, change the name of a button or a greeting. This is especially often the case for multilingual stores. For these purposes, our Solomono team has developed a module “Editing texts (constants) for all languages”.

The functionality of the module allows you to easily and quickly correct texts for:

  • buttons on the product page or in the general listing, on the Cart button, on other elements;
  • labels and tips above the fields when placing an order;
  • greetings or content of emails that arrive in the mail;
  • and much more...

This can be done separately for each language that will be used in your store. All of them are displayed in separate folders for ease of search.

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