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Domain connection instructions

A domain is the address of a site where it can be found on the web.

     The task of a domain name is to make it easier to remember the site address, you can add keywords to it that correspond to the content of the site, this will positively affect SEO and help in attracting the target audience. That is why it is preferable to choose a short and memorable word or phrase as a domain.
     If you rent a site on the SOLOMONO platform, you can connect the domain to our service by following these steps:
  STEP 1. Go to your domain hosting control panel -> go to domain settings. Click “Add record” -> “A” to your domain (and www.*domain*) with IP address: -> click “Save”.

Important! When you add an A record, the old one needs to be deleted.

STEP 2. Go to the store admin panel -> “Configuration” -> “My store”, find the “domain address” field and enter your domain there:

STEP 3. On the same page in the admin panel, go down, and in the "Enable HTTPS" field - click "Issue an SSL certificate":

Confirm and wait for generation:

If you use the cloudflare service, then to connect the domain you need to disable the DNS Proxy status tab

Because if this is not done, the domain will have an external IP address that is different from the one you specified and our server will not be able to connect the domain correctly.
When DNS Proxy status is disabled, our server will receive the correct IP address, after which you can reconnect DNS Proxy status and the cloudflare SSL certificate, which is located in the SSL/TLS settings.

Last updated on: 14/06/2023