Different prices for the product

On the SoloMono platform, you can set different prices for certain customer groups in your store.

First, go to the "Configuration" - "My Store" page and open the "Products and prices" tab. Here, you can increase the number of possible prices for a product in the corresponding field.

In this article, we'll discuss how to set a different price for the "Partners" customer group, which we will create. This can be done on the "Customers" - "Customer groups" page.

Learn more about working with customer groups in a separate guide.

In the customer group creation window, in the "Product price" field, you need to specify price 2, so that this price applies to partner customers.

On the "Customers" - "Customer List" page, you can add store customers to the newly created group in the customer editing window under the "Discounts" - "Group" section.

Learn more about working with store customers in a separate guide.

As the number of possible prices for products has been increased to two, each product card now features a separate field for the second price. By default, this price is active and matches the primary price, but you can modify it.

Thus, we have created a "Partners" group, added clients to it, indicated that price 2 will apply to this group, and adjusted this price for the product "Acer Nitro 5 Shale Black" from 1200 to 1000. Consequently, partner clients who log in to your site will see the price of 1000 for this product.

Last updated on: 05/06/2024