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Different colors of the products

If you want the image of the product to change when a certain color is selected, this can be done using the "Different colors of the product" module.

The "Different colors of the products" module is available in the Turbo Sales and Pro rental packages.

If this module is available to you, first ensure that it is enabled on the "Modules" - "SOLO Modules" page under the "Multicolor" switch.

After that, create a "Color" attribute and values for it, which can be done on the "Products" - "Attributes" page. This attribute should be of any type except "Text", for example, "Dropdown" or "List with images". Additionally, enable the "Change product image" switch in the attribute settings.

Add the created attribute to the product card on the "Products" - "Catalog" page, under the "Attributes" tab.

Then, on the "Images" tab, separate blocks for different colors will appear. Upload images and drag them from the top block to the blocks of the corresponding color. The image that remains in the top block will be displayed in the product list.

Summary. To have the option to upload different images for different colors of the product, you need:

  • The "Different colors of the products" module to be available in your rental package.
  • The "Different colors of the products" module to be enabled on the "Modules" - "SOLO Modules" page.
  • The "Color" attribute to be of any type other than "Text".
  • The "Change product image" switch to be enabled in the "Color" attribute settings.
Last updated on: 03/06/2024