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Customers groups

Date of creation : 2018-09-21
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Customers groups
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Customer groups are functionality that is designed to set individual discounts on goods for regular customers, wholesalers, etc. With this functionality you can create different lists of customer groups.

Upon registration, each client is assigned a specific group according to the criteria:

  • Customer
  • Wholesale
  • Dealer
  • Special
  • Social network
  • Subscriber
  • Partners

Customers groups - 1

Customer accounts are created after placing an order or registering with your store. You can add clients manually if necessary:

Customers groups - 2

Customers groups - 3

You can also independently or automatically (depending on the specified settings) transfer a customer from one group to another. Each group can differ from each other by its conditions, price of goods for the group, discount, accumulative limit, etc.

The "list of clients" displays which group a particular client belongs to:

Customers groups - 4

When you click to edit the client you need from the list, you can independently change: group, password, add a discount and also enable / disable notifications for receiving mailing by the client:

Customers groups - 5

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