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Cross sell products

The module "Cross sell products" allows you to add "Related products" and "Together cheaper" blocks to your product page. In this article, we'll detail the capabilities of this module and how to work with it.

The "Cross sell products" module is available on Basic, Turbo Sales, and Pro rental packages.

Working with related products can be done both from the product card and from a separate "Cross Sell Products" page.

On the "Products" - "Cross Sell Products" page, a list of all your products is displayed. The "Current cross sell" column shows whether a particular product has related items and, if so, which ones.

By clicking "Show without xsell products", the list will only include products that do not have related items. Clicking "Show xsell products" will do the opposite, only displaying products that have related items.

To add a related product, click on the "Edit" button in the last column next to the product to which you want to add a related one. In the window that opens, you will be able to see the current related items for the selected product, configure them, and add new ones. To add a new related product, enter its name in the "Click here to add a new cross sale" field and click on the found product in the dropdown list.

After adding a related product, you can see its model, name, and price. Additionally, you can specify a discount for the set of related products in the corresponding column. If you do this, the "Together cheaper" block will appear on the main product page. In the case shown in the screenshots, the main product is product A, which has related products B and C, and a discount of 50% has been set for the set of the main product with product B. The discount is voided if a coupon is used.

You can also specify the sorting order for related products - it determines the order in which related items will be displayed in the "Related products" block on the product page. Related items with a lower sorting order will be displayed first in the list. 

If the "Reciprocal Link" switch is enabled, both products will become related to each other. For example, if product A has related product B, enabling this switch will make product A a related item for product B.

Related products can be deleted on this page by pressing the delete button in the last column.

Similarly, you can work with related products on the "Products" - "Catalog" page - the product editing window - the "Cross Sell Products" tab. To add a related product, enter its name in the "Search" field and select it from the dropdown list. After adding, you can configure it, specify a discount, set the sorting order, and set a reciprocal link.

Additionally, on the "Products" - "Catalog" page, you can check the "Concomitant" filter and press "Ok" to display only products that have related items in the list.

The "Related products" and "Together cheaper" blocks can be separately disabled on the "Design" - "Template Settings" - "Product page". These switches are responsible for them:

  • Show related products
  • Show Better Together block

Last updated on: 04/04/2024