Instructions - Products

Creating and editing products

The main task of online stores is to sell, and this is easier to achieve with a convenient product catalog, the main purpose of which is to facilitate the search for goods by any criterion.
The Solomono team has developed a convenient structured list of products, divided into thematic groups of varying degrees of nesting.

Create categories:

Adding a category is done through the administration panel: -> "Products" -> "Catalog", where you need to click the "New category" button:

In the window that opens, enter the name of the category:

Add category description:

And add an image of this category:

After everything is filled in, you need to save the changes by clicking on the "Add" button

Your first category is ready.

Adding a new item:

Now let's add a new product to the previously created category.

To do this, you need to go / click on this / created category, and click the "New product" button:

In the window that opens, fill in the required fields, name, description, add the cost, etc. And click the "Add" button

CLARIFICATION! The "Save" button is intended as a "preview" so that you can check the screenshots, update, and when you click on the "Save" button, it already saves the product card.

That's it, a new category and a new product have been created.

But that's not all, you need to add the product image, attributes, meta-data for SEO promotion, etc. to the product card.

Very important!

 It is necessary to fill in the fields with the name, description, etc. in all languages that are displayed on your site. Also, products must be added directly to the category, if you have added a new product outside the category, it will not be displayed on the site.

Added a new functionality to manage the output of goods on your site. In the administration panel: -> "Products" -> "Catalog", where you need to click on the "Category settings" icon

After, you need to click on the "edit" icon

and in the "Sort products by default" field, you can choose the order in which the products of the category you need are displayed, for example, you can specify that the products would be displayed first cheaper, or promotional, or new, that is, you can set the output at your discretion. After selection, you need to click the "Update" button

Last updated on: 03/07/2023