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Combinations of attributes

Attribute combinations are a feature that allows you to add price, quantity, and vendor code (SKU) based on the attributes added to a product.

To use this feature, first make sure that the "Combinations of attributes" module is enabled on the "Modules" - "SOLO Modules" page.

After this, a separate "Combinations of attributes" tab will appear in the product card.

Note! To start creating combinations, the product must have at least one attribute with no less than two values. Moreover, the attributes you want to combine into a combination must be of the "Dropdown" type.

As you can see in the screenshot, in the "Attributes" tab of the product example, there are two characteristics - "Color" and "Size". Each of these attributes has two values. On the "Products" - "Attributes" page, these attributes were set to the "Dropdown" type, so you can switch between values on the product page.

Now let's move to the "Combinations of attributes" tab. For each "Dropdown" type attribute, you will see separate columns where you can select the combinations of attribute values you need from a dropdown list. For each combination, you can specify the quantity, price, and vendor code (SKU). Once you fill out the columns, click "Insert". To delete a combination, click "Delete" to the right of it.

Note! You must specify the quantity to add the combination.

After completion, on your product page, you will be able to select different attribute values, and the price, quantity, and vendor code (SKU) will be displayed according to the settings in the combinations. For example, in this case, the "Size" and "Color" attributes in the dropdown lists are selected as "L" and "Yellow" respectively. Above the price, the line "L, Yellow" is displayed, and the price is equal to that specified for this combination - 650. Also, to the left of the "In Stock" label, you can see the SKU of this particular combination - 00010.

Last updated on: 15/04/2024