Client groups. How does it work?

Each customer is assigned a specific "Customer Group".

For example: customer, wholesale buyer, dealer, etc. Correspondingly, each of them can buy goods either at a certain price or a certain discount.

It is also possible to adjust the cumulative discount, for example, when buying goods worth more than 10,000 UAH. the buyer automatically goes to another category of user and upon subsequent purchase acquires the goods at a different cost or with a certain discount.

For clarity, we have prepared several groups of clients.

Some of them, such as: Customer, Wholesale, Dealer, Special - determine at what price they will purchase the product.

If the retail buyer makes the first purchase, he is automatically assigned the category "Customer", but if the order amount meets the conditions for a different category, then he is automatically assigned another "customer group" and he, at a subsequent order, purchases the goods either at a discount or at a different cost. Important: to prevent false transitions to another category, you must either change the order status or update the order through editing.

The remaining two categories are:

  • Social Network - the user is registered from the social network Facebook, Google.
  • Subscriber is a user who is on the main page of your online store, subscribed to the newsletter.


So, to configure all this, you need to go through: "Clients / Groups of Clients" and create a new group (or change an existing one):

In the window that opens, enter the following data:


  • "Name" - the name of the group
  • "Group color" - clicking on this window will open a palette, where you can choose which color your group will stand out.
  • "Minimal cost of ordering a group" is the minimum order amount for this group.
  • "Default discount rate" - here you can put a percentage discount, for example "-5.00"
  • "Product price" - we have provided the ability to customize up to 10 price categories. Accordingly, you can add 10 different categories of groups and each of them may have its own value of the goods (we will see how to do this below).
  • The “Accumulated limit” is a certain amount of money, to which goods have already been bought and paid, upon reaching which, the buyer enters this group. For example, the buyer made orders in the amount of 10,000 UAH (specify the currency that is set by default), then it automatically falls into the "Wholesale" group.


Now we will examine in more detail such items as: “Accumulated order statuses”, “Payment Modules”, “Delivery Modules”. What are they for? You need to get the buyer, for example, in the group "Wholesale", under certain conditions.

For example, let's take the category “Cumulative Statuses”, after purchase there are certain stages: “Waiting for verification”, “Waiting for payment”, “Running”, etc.

The buyer placed an order for 10000 UAH. but did not pay it and the status of the order "Canceled." He fulfilled the condition of switching to the "Wholesale" category, since made an order for 10000grn. and therefore, with the next order, he can already buy goods at a discount. But this is wrong, because payment of 10000 UAH did not come. It is necessary to make so that at the status "Canceled" the buyer did not pass in this group. To do this, you must select all the order statuses except the status "Canceled" and if all the other conditions are met, but the status is "Canceled", the customer will not automatically switch to the "Wholesale" group.

By the same example, if necessary, we make settings in the "Payment modules" and "Delivery modules" categories.

To edit the status of orders go through "Orders / Order Status"

Here we can assign the necessary default status to us, change its color, rename it and create a new one.

To rename the status you need to click "Update"

And in the window that opens, rename the order status and duplicate its name in all languages. To save, click "OK"

In order to create a new "Order Status" you need to click "Add"

And in the window already familiar to us, fill in the field "Order Status" in all languages.

Click "OK".

Помимо процентной скидки в группе товаров, можно поставить другой уровень цен.

In addition to the percentage discount in the product group, you can put a different price level.

For example, the buyer has fulfilled the condition for moving to another category, but instead of a discount on the retail price of the product, you want to give the opportunity to buy at other prices. To do this, go through "Setup / My Store" and opposite the "Number of possible prices for goods" choose a number corresponding to the number of prices for goods (for example, you have three different values ​​of goods: "1" = 200 UAH., "2" = 175 UAH. "3" = 150 UAH.), Therefore we choose the number "3".

Next, go to "Customers / Customer Groups" and opposite the group we need, click "Update"

In the window that opens, opposite "Product price for a group" from the drop-down list, select which price category will be available for this group.

We save everything by clicking "OK"

Next, go to "Products / Catalog" and in each product set the appropriate prices.


Now, when a customer entering a certain “Customer Group” enters the personal account of your online store, the prices for his group (for example, the price “2”) are shown for him, and the price for “1” and the price “3” are are hidden.



Last updated on: 20/03/2024