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When creating an online store, it is important that buyers can place and edit their order as easily, quickly and clearly
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One-page checkout
One-page checkout
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Now you do not need to go to different pages when placing an order. The Solomono team has developed "Order on one
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Ship 2 Pay
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You have the ability to customize the payment method depending on the chosen delivery methods. That is, you can
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Minimum order amount
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This is a setting for the store administrator, in the admin panel you can set the minimum cost from which users can
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What is a store builder and what are its advantages?

Not everyone who opens their own online store knows programming languages. At the same time, I don’t want to spend huge amounts of money on specialists, and why, if everything can be done independently using the SoloMono constructor. An online store created on such a platform is convenient for both the site owner and the buyer.

Why You Need an Online Store Builder

Today, E-commerce projects are the most relevant and popular among those who want to buy goods in an online store at a bargain price. Creating a commercial website on the SoloMono constructor is the best solution for entrepreneurs. The program constructor is profitable, convenient and simple. You can build a small website and even connect an online payment system, setting up all the links between the seller and the buyer. This allows the user to order goods in the online store in a matter of minutes.

The site is assembled on the online store constructor from ready-made modules, and the work process is divided into several basic steps: registration, creating the foundation and filling the site with target blocks - photos, product descriptions and an online order payment system.

Is it possible to assemble an online store on the constructor without knowing the code and design skills?

Anyone can work with the constructor, even those who have never studied programming. Using the online store constructor, you can fill the site with all the necessary sections without resorting to the help of specialists. Such work will take much less time and financial investments than opening a real store.

6 steps: how to create an online store on the constructor

To quickly create an online store with a catalog of goods, just follow the instructions:

  1. Registration in the system, creation of a personal account.
  2. Choosing one of the many templates that fit the format, adding the necessary functions.
  3. Editing the template for the desired design format. You can use ready-made options, or modify them to suit your requirements.
  4. Adding products that can be bought online. Each of them has a price.
  5. Connecting a payment method, setting up internal processes such as delivery.
  6. Choosing a domain and launching an online store.

Modules for SEO promotion

Our constructor for online stores in Ukraine has modules for SEO promotion. You can buy one of three packages at a bargain price:

  • Minimal: Good for general analytics and monitoring;
  • Medium: promotion of an online store by working on semantics (core and words);
  • Maximum: work is underway at the SMM level, using links.

The program automatically selects and recommends suitable meta tags. You don't need to be a marketing and SEO specialist to work with the online store builder. Using hints, each user will be able to set up descriptions and prices.

Constructor Benefits

Unlike websites written from scratch, a website builder has the following advantages:

  • a large selection of ready-made templates that can be ordered for use;
  • simplified management of all processes, the visitor can buy goods easily and quickly;
  • user technical support;
  • convenient process of buying goods and studying prices for visitors;
  • the opportunity for the buyer to order delivery through the connection of additional functions.

Take advantage of the trial period and get acquainted with the functionality of the online store constructor from our company SoloMono. You can order a promotion or set up the necessary functions yourself. We adapted the online store constructor for Ukrainian users and added the most famous Ukrainian payment and delivery services. Test the constructor now and start selling products tomorrow.