Bulk price changes

On the "Products" - "Quick Updates" page, you have the ability to set discounts for your products, and change their code (SKU), price, name, meta title, meta description, status, weight, quantity, sorting order, and the minimum quantity for ordering in bulk.

Firstly, in the "Max # of lines per page" field, specify the maximum number of products you would like to display on a page, which you find most convenient to work with from the list. Pay attention to the "Select Category" and "Select Manufacturer" fields, where you can display products by a specific category or manufacturer, respectively.

If you want to change the prices of products in the list in bulk, check the "Modify by commercial margin..." box. After that, in the "(+/-) Value or Rate" field, specify the number by which you want to increase or decrease the price (10, -10), or the percentage (25%, -25%). To view the results without saving, click "Preview" - you will see that each product will be marked and have an updated price. If desired, you can uncheck the products whose price you wish to leave unchanged. After checking, click "Save and close".

If your products have attributes, they will also be displayed on this page, and you will be able to change their price.

As mentioned before, on this page, you can also set discounts for your products from the list. This can be done in the "Discount" column, but note that you need to enter a new price. For example, if the product price is 200, and you enter 150 in the "Discount" column, then 150 is the new price of this product.


Last updated on: 03/06/2024