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Bulk discounts

On the SoloMono platform, you have the ability to create bulk discounts for products that, for example, belong to a certain category or price range. To create such a discount, go to the "Products" - "Specials" page and click "Add a bulk discount".

The "Mass Discounts (SaleMaker)" module is available on the Basic, Turbo Sales, and Pro rental packages.

You can read more about working with regular discounts in a separate guide.

In the window that opens, fill in the necessary fields:

  • Sale name.
  • Type of deduction: sum deduction, discount percentage, or new price.
  • Deduction: this can be a value to deduct from product prices, a discount percentage, or a new price, depending on the chosen type of deduction.
  • Start and end dates of the sale.
  • Sort order: determines the order in which promotions are displayed in the list.
  • Price range: if specified, only products priced within the set range will participate in the promotion.
  • If the product is already on sale: specify how to deal with prices of products that already have a discount - add the bulk discount condition to the already established special price, ignore it and set the bulk discount condition, or the opposite.
  • Categories for which the sale will apply.
  • Manufacturers for which the sale will apply.

After filling in, click "Save". In this case, a 20% bulk discount was applied to products in the "Laptops" category:

The created promotion will appear in the list, where it can be turned on or off in the "Status" column. Click the "Add" button to add another one, and to open the bulk discount editing window or delete it, click the appropriate button in the last column.

If you have already created discounts in your store, the "Products" - "Specials" page will look as shown below. In such a case, go to the "SaleMaker" tab to start working with them.

Last updated on: 03/06/2024