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Backup - the process of creating a copy of the database, necessary to restore data to its original or new location.

The database backup (backup) module is designed to be able to both save the store database to a .sql file and restore the database from this file in the future. Also, if the file is no longer needed, it can be deleted. In addition, it is possible to download the .sql file with the database directly from the browser. The Solomono team has developed a convenient functionality for working with the backup module.

A backup copy of an online store site is a set of CMS files and a copy of the database.

And in case you “accidentally” delete the site, you just need to re-upload the CMS files to FTP and reinstall the database. If you follow the instructions, it usually takes no more than 10 minutes.

But you need to remember that only the database is backed up, pictures are not backed up. If you delete a category and then restore the backup, all of its pictures will be missing.


Step 1.

  • Admin Panel -> Modules -> Backup - tab "Create backup"

Step 2

  • Click "Show tables from backup":

We put marks on the necessary files, or leave marks on all files and click the "Create Now" button:

Restore backup tab - here you can restore a backup from the selected file:

Download file:

The download of your database will begin, and as a result, the file your_database_name.sql will be downloaded

Congratulations, you have just backed up your database!

Last updated on: 11/10/2023