Attribute groups

If you have already worked with product attributes on your website, you may have seen such a concept as "Attribute Groups". What are they for? The best way to understand their purpose is to use an example. We have a test product with certain attributes:

We want to combine such attributes as Width, Length, Height into one group - Dimensions. This can be done very easily. First, go to the Admin panel of your site, go to Products - Attributes and click on the Attribute Groups tab. Click on Add to create a new group:

Let's call our group "Dimensions":

Important! If you use several languages on your website, you must fill in the data in each language!

Great! We have created a new group. Now we need to add the attributes that belong to this group. Go to the Product Options tab, find the attribute we need, Length, and click on Edit (pencil icon):In the Option Group list, select the required group and click Save. Do the same for the Width and Height attributes:Congratulations! You have successfully created your first attribute group. Here's how it will look like on your website:

Last updated on: 04/06/2024