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Date of creation : 2018-09-20
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You can post on your site articles on different topics and in the amount that you need:
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Sometimes users do not always understand how to use, how to do it on their own, what is better to choose ... With the help of articles, we can instruct, help with a choice, tell about important nuances, since often we cannot add all the information to the description of the service - it will work out long and stretched.
Search engines actively love internal links, so in articles, for example, you can make links to the pages of your site. when the user is ready to purchase and immediately goes from the article to the desired page, this will help you in promoting your online store and attract interested people.
Articles on the site indirectly and mildly help to sell. One of the ways to focus on your company can be a capacious and memorable indication of the advantages of your product.
In the administrator's menu, in the section "Content" - "Pages" - "Articles" - there is an opportunity to add, change or delete information in the section of articles:

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