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Adding products related to the article

The content of your online store can serve not only to inform customers but also to stimulate sales. On the SoloMono platform, you can add products related to the article, which will be displayed in the "Related to the topic" block at the bottom.

To link a specific product with an article, first go to the "Content" - "Pages" page, create or select an article you have already created and open its editing window.

You can read more about working with articles at this link.

Go to the "Related products" tab and click "Add field". In the field that appears, enter the name of the product you would like to add to the block under the article, and select it from the dropdown list. Add the desired products and click "Save and Close", after which the "Related to the Topic" block with these products will appear on the article page.

Check the box in the "Related products" field on the "Content" - "Pages" page to filter the list of articles and display only those that have related products.

In this case, the related product is only in the article "What to consider when choosing a laptop", so only it is displayed:

Last updated on: 29/05/2024