About company

Solomono is a sale service of light and easy to use templates of online shops at the lowest possible price.

• This is customizable ready product that will completely belong to you!

• This is not the Saas-platform (store rent), we sell the entire site with the files and database.

Solo - means "self", “singly”. We want to make our system as simple and intuitive that even a housewife can understand it and create her own online store. We prompt our customers about promoting their own shop quickly and easy, so they do not need to contact an expensive web studio.

Mono - ss the second major site functionality - creating landing pages in a few minutes. You can transform an ordinary product page in your store to a nice and attractive landing-page.


Our goal is to help people start their own profitable business, which will bring financial independence and success to its founders!

Instant launch

Launch is possible in day of the order. You do not need to wait a month while developers adjusting and configuring your site
High site speed

Our templates works very smooth and excellent loading speed, without delays and bugs. It easily supports hundreds of thousands of products, , and tend of thousands of visits in a day
Minimum of expenses

you pay for a well-made product, but not for individual development. It reduces the price to the minimum
Own shop

compare to the rented site, we мы provide the entire site and its files, it belongs to you and you have a right to move it to other hosting or configure depending on you wish