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  • Flexible Configuration
  • Open Source
  • Mobile ready
  • Wide functionality
  • Instant launch
  • Low Cost
  • High Site Speed
  • SEO ready

Free period for 14 days. Online-store test version will be generated instantly!
You will get a link to your store with all modules and access for admin-panel right off.


Launch is possible in day of the order. You do not need to wait a month while developers adjusting and configuring your site

site speed

Our templates works very smooth and excellent loading speed, without delays and bugs. It easily supports hundreds of thousands of products, , and tend of thousands of visits in a day

of expenses

You pay for a well-made product, but not for individual development. It reduces the price to the minimum


When you buy store we provide the entire site and its files, it belongs to you and you have a right to move it to other hosting or configure depending on you wish

Our oscommerce templates

We offer you to choose one of well designed templates:

$100 ($12 /mo) Order

Design by: Solomon

$150 ($15 /mo) Order

Design by: Bokolensik

$200 ($17 /mo) Order

Design by: Bokolensik

$200 ($17 /mo) Order

Design by: Bokolensik

$140 ($14 /mo) Order

Design by: Solomon

Get free trial

Free period for 14 days. Online-store test version will be generated instantly!
You will get a link to your store with all modules and access for admin-panel right off.

Websites with Solomono templates:

Create an online store in 1 minute!

Do not have an online store yet? So, you lose the potential profit that you could receive from selling goods. According to Forbes’ statistics, every day more than 1 million users make purchases on the Internet. And annually this indicator increases by 15%. In USA, the situation is even better - over the past year the number of online purchases has increased by 65%! And this is only 2 proof of why it is worth ordering the development of an online store right now. And there are, of course, more of them. Modern consumers have full understanding that buying on the Internet is not only simple, but also profitable. Moreover, you can make orders even from a smartphone or tablet, which is very convenient. To miss hundreds of orders a day is an inadmissible luxury in business. Moreover, the creation of an online store is carried out in a short time and is inexpensive. Especially if you compare with the profit that you will get already in the first month of the site working.

Online shop in a day of the order

You were told that the development of an online store is 1-2 months of painstaking work? And then it will take another couple of weeks to test, modify and launch the site? Maybe. But this is definitely not about our studio. SoloMono creates online stores within 1 day. Forget about long waiting, additional improvements and settings. You make an order on our website - and on the same day you get a ready-made online store created with all the requirements and wishes in mind. What is the secret of such a rapid development? It's simple: we use our own CMS - Solomono oSC. This engine - the version of the legendary osCommerce platform, which was actively used in the early 2000s, was finalized. We took it as a basis, finalized, downloaded, expanded the functionality, added many modules (social widgets, the ability to pay cards, etc.). As a result, an innovative online store designer was created. In fact, your site is already done. In the draft version, of course. You only need to select a template, a color scheme and a set of necessary modules. That's why in our service the online store is developed within 1 day.

4 reasons to order the development of an online store in Solomono

SoloMono is a unique service that allows each client to order the creation of an online store in 1 minute. For favorable price, of course. The online store on CMS Solomono works faster than a similar resource on Wordpress, Prestashop or Opencart. The main advantages of SoloMono:

Affordable price

You pay for the finished product, which is tailored to suit your requirements. This reduces its cost several times (compared to the individual development of the site).

Instant start

The site will work on the day of the order - this we guarantee. You do not have to wait a couple of months, which are required to develop a project from scratch.

High speed of work

The Solomono engine has been developing by a team of professional programmers during many years. As a result, we managed to achieve stable operation of the sites without delays and hangs.

Own website

Unlike the lease in this case, you have all the rights to the online store. It belongs to you, so dispose of it at your own discretion.

As for regionality, there are no restrictions. Your site can be accessed for users in Ukraine, Russia, Europe or any country of the world - just select the appropriate domain. Thus, buying a turnkey online store is the best solution for business. Thanks to an affordable price, anyone can buy such a project. And if the chosen functional is not enough, you can always expand it - adding new modules.