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Loading time for 1000 products on one page, sec
2.3 sec
3 sec
5 sec
6.6 sec
9.8 sec
10 sec
17 sec
2 000
000 so many
products sold
by our clients
300 and even more
starting price
30 000
000 turnover of our
1 minute
to start
15 years
wrap-time Instant

Start an online store is possible in day of the order. You do not need to wait a month while developers adjusting and configuring and create ecommerce store for you

wrap-time High
site speed

Our ecommerce templates works very smooth and excellent loading speed, without delays and bugs. It easily supports hundreds of thousands of products, and tens of thousands of visits in a day

wrap-time Minimum
of expenses

You pay for a well-made product, but not for individual development. It reduces the price of your online store to the minimum

wrap-time Own

When you create online store we provide the entire site and its files, it belongs to you and you have a right to move it to other hosting or configure depending on you wish

Your online store
Without a designer and developer - everything is already included!
Create an online store in 1 minute, fill it with products and start selling today.
What entrepreneur does not want to increase the number of even potential buyers. Everyone wants to be known to the largest number of people, be it a beginner or an offline commerce guru. There is an easy way to achieve the goal - to create an online store.

The rhythm of life requires saving time, especially in choosing and shopping. The modern buyer first of all "google" the goods, compares the prices, reads responses. Provided that everything suits him, it is better to place an order in one click than to go to the store or to any warehouse 50 km from home.

Up to 16 million users live in the Ukrainian Internet space alone, and about 18% of them are solvent. These numbers are growing every day. If you are not ready to lose a potential customer and want to expand the scope of influence on the target audience, then it's time to order the development of a turnkey online store. Let's deal with the development in stages.
What are the options for creating online stores from scratch?
  • Solomono
  • Web agency
  • Create a site yourself
Create a test store
in 30 seconds
Try it for free
Platform without limits
Huge functionality, impressive number of modules and complete personal control!
Full access and
control of the admin panel
Full functional admin panel that will allow you to manage a site with thousands of products and not get confused.
More than
100 modules
In the Solomono marketplace, you will find a module for solving any of your tasks. You can also order the development of a special module for your store.
Full access to the site code
Solomono provides full access to your online store, which will allow you to modify the site directly through the code without additional payments.
No need to program and customize your code for good indexing by search engines. The platform is already built to promote your store organically.
Incredible speed
Import and work with hundreds of thousands of products without any hassle. Google PageSpeed ​​results - 98/99, GTmetrix - 99/99.
Responsive layout
The Solomono platform is adapted for all types of devices. This will allow you to easily receive and process mobile traffic in your store.
Design templates
Flexible design customization for any type of goods
The design of an online store should look beautiful on all kinds of devices. Perhaps this is only with an initially high-quality layout. Solomono has taken care of this from the very beginning: Html 5 + CSS 3, Bootstrap 3. In addition, the templates have absolutely flexible customization, which will allow you to modify the design as you want.
Choose a design
We have ready integrations for:
Not a single question will remain unanswered!
It remains only to try it, of course it's free.
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